Recommended Uses

Signature Series A5L red open

Zequenz 360° Roll Up Journals have a broad variety of uses

    Personal journal – The large notebook has 400 pages to record your thoughts, dreams, and life.  Jump Start Your Journal shows you how to get started., and the links Writing Your Way to Happiness and Increase Your Productivity by Journaling at the End of the Day give you 2 good reasons to start keeping a keep a journal.

    Read a review at and

    Diary and Log Book -  The Austin Kleon log book system and  The Diary Habit links will show you how to create one.  You can choose between ruled, blank, and grid pattern pages to suit your personal writing style.

    Make notes to yourself about thoughts and tasks throughout the day - the 3 1/2 X 5" Mini size has 256 pages / 128 sheets and fits easily into a shirt pocket or purse. Being lightweight and flexible makes it comfortable in you pocket and easy to always have it with you.

    Travel journal - record your adventures and thoughts  on your journey. You have the  The flexible covers and binding give you the option to mount with glue or tape items such as ticket stubs and photos as well as write your story. Its size allows you to bring it along on you trip and make create it as you travel.

    Scrapbook - Save your memories and special moments. The Large or large Lite size are perfect for this and can fit in a shoulder bag when traveling.

    Personal Productivity System - The popular Getting Sh*t Done and  the Bullet Journal productivity systems use grid page notebooks similar to ours, and Zequenz journals are a favorite choice,   "Zequenz notebooks are a top contender" The Bullet Journal system is explained by it creator in this video. The Getting Things Done system can use the Mini to larger sizes. The included magnetic bookmark is used to mark the current day. review "If you're looking to give the gift of a rugged notebook that can take some punishment but is still high quality, made well, and has great paper that's fun to use and a joy to write on, check out   Zequenz's Classic 360 Degree notebooks. They also come in a multitude of styles, sizes, and shapes, but the one thing that unites them all is their high-quality rounded binding that's tear and rip-proof, but still flexible enough to open the notebook and fold it back on itself, no matter how thick the notebook is. They're perfect field notebooks, and can take a beating and still look great. Plus, they're available in tons of colors and styles"

    Signature A5L Red bookmark & bandolere

    Sketching and drawing - artists use the blank pages model. The plain paper is smooth and 100g weight which is a heavier weight than our lined or grid page models. Read a review for drawing with paint and markers at  Our large and medium size notebooks with 100 gsm weight blank page are favored by professionals for ink sketching  "The Zequenz are gorgeous in every way... their paper is heavier weight, smooth, ink loves it. No feathering or wicking so far. The design of these books is so clean and smart..."
    Zequenz notebooks are a favorite for artist and visionary Jim Channon . 

    Creative writing - Write a book the way Austin Kleon does using a grid notebook.  

    Note taking during lectures - Zequenz notebooks are perfect for class notes and popular in university bookstores. More pages on better paper for a lower price than other premium notebooks.  Only Zequenz notebooks can repeatedly be folded cover to cover without damage to the binding. This makes a great platform if you have no desk and are writing on your lap.

    Expense log - record daily and monthly expenses for work and budgeting.

    Red curved binding

    Food diary - keeping a food diary tracking your eating habits and is proven to help people double their weight loss. Tips on keeping a food diary at these links: 7 habits of weightloss and maintain a diet journal

    Wellness journal - Track your healthy lifestyle and goals.

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